The other day I had one of those mornings. A morning where nothing turns out as expected. Every day there’s a basic plan of lifts, appointments, stuff to do. Sunday was no different. Prince No. 2 had a party in the morning and I was going to take him and write notes at a coffee shop whilst he was enjoying his party. Perfect plan.

The notes I was going to write, weren’t any notes, they were life reflections based on a talk I’d been to earlier that morning. These days are such a serious time of atonement, of returning to ones best self. I was looking forward to spending time exploring these thoughts.  As it turns out woman plans and God laughs.

I spent half an hour finding the party venue, driving in frustrating circles as my GPS failed to find the specific shopping centre location. Hot, tired and having survived trying to do a U-turn on a one way highway (I had no idea it was one way, thank God there were no cars) we arrived at the party. I didn’t recognise a single face, we were at the wrong venue. I had gotten the information completely wrong. Yes, that sinking doom, gloom feeling set in.

As bad as I felt for myself as my writing morning flew swiftly out the window, I felt worse for my little Prince, who is such an undemanding mentsch. He was looking forward to the laser party, so now what?

I regrouped. I called my therapist husband (he’s not really a therapist but he’s always got rock solid advice for me) he suggested Adventure Golf which was at the centre we were at. So that’s what we did. We first regrouped with a Toys R Us shop for the Princes festival presents (Mushi Monsters are the latest craze for the younger kids). And with Lego happily tucked under his elbow we went for a Coke coffee, and then marched to Adventure Golf.

Let me admit here what I wouldn’t tell my Prince. The last thing in the world I felt like was playing putt putt, but I decided to put my feelings aside and enter his world. His disappointment of missing a friend’s birthday party. His excitement to do something completely different with his mother. So I played. And it was fun. I putt putted my ball to oblivion with a par of 25 at least. He enjoyed beating me tremendously, and hand in hand we came to the 10th hole a bit sad that it was over. He hit his ball and it disappeared. I hit my ball and the lights began blinking, and beeping and blinking some more. Unfathomably I had hit a hole in one.

Whilst I appreciated the free game I won, the lights and winning sounds meant more to me than that. For me it was a confirmation that that morning was a win. Somehow a morning that had gone completely pear shaped had grown into a pear tree. And I happily ate the fruit as we drove home and Prince No. 2 said to me, ‘Mom that was the best morning ever.’

I never wrote my atonement notes that morning, but somehow that morning was the biggest atonement of all.  I learnt first hand how to let go of anger and frustration when my days don’t go to plan. There’s a Higher Power’s plan at work and somehow there’s a gift in leaning into the Divine plan and seeing the surprises that He has in store.

Every day has it’s inevitable changes and challenges, and if we can continually make lemonade out of the perceived lemons we’ll be happier, and our families will definitely be better off.

Note: I wasn’t a martyr to my time either, that afternoon I had time in the quiet Spring sunshine on the Patio, with a cushion between my dogs and myself (so they wouldn’t jump on me) and my notebook and pen. There’s a time and place for everything under the sun, maybe just not in the way we imagine it.