I have to smile at the heading of this blog because this week I’m burning out from ‘can do’.

Anyway last week I had a hectic week of ‘To Dos’ which included some writing and teaching prep. I felt totally, absolutely overwhelmed. Working plus mommying a small baby and three small lads is no small feat. I don’t know how working moms do it with a 9-5 job. I’m not brilliant at handling stress, especially when my times not my own and I don’t know where my next spare half an hour is going to come from. So why do I do it to myself? Why take on jobs when my plate is already full? The truth is I love to write and do. If I just mommy I feel like I’m not truly in the world, fulfilling my potential. I know a lot of mothers battle with the same issue. We love being mothers but we don’t want to give ourselves up.

So here’s where the heading comes in. My dear, sweet mother-in-law phoned me up and heard the frantic tone of my voice. Instead of saying, ‘Why do you take so much on?’ She said something that helped me breathe easier and understand why I put so much on my plate. ‘The more you do the more you can do. The less you do the less you can do.’

And she’s so right. I may not do everything I take on perfectly – wait there’s no such thing as perfect so let’s just say as well as I’d like to. On disrupted sleep and a rigorous breast-feeding schedule thanks to Prince No. 4, I’m not completely myself. Yet I’m doing what I love, and as my heart rate goes up at the thought of my deadline and another lesson to prepare for, this keeps me going, keeps me breathing, keeps me sane.

So cheers to all moms out there doing what they love. Cheers to all moms out there who may not be doing what they love, but are supporting their families. There is such value in being responsible and raising a family. However another important point that was raised for me is NOT TO FORGET TO HAVE FUN! When I just work and mommy and forget to smile and laugh, do silly things and get in touch with my inner child, my stress levels rise further. My inner child is clamoring for a release, for time out, for  mind free fun, like kicking a ball with Prince No. 1, or going for  a walk, or baking a cake.

Which brings me to my Ferrero Rocher Cake – I baked it last week on a total whim. It was from the internet so quite a risk really, and that’s where the fun was. So take a risk and make it too, it’s quite fun! Plus its gluten-free. (For those who are intolerant.)

Delicious Ferrero Rocher Cake – Well Worth It

Ferrero Rocher Cake


300g butter

300g sugar

2 tsp vanillasugar (I think you just put vanilla in sugar. I left it out.)

8 eggs

400 groung hazelnuts (I used almonds, which worked very well.)

2tsp baking powder

Cream Ingredients

26 Ferrero Rocher (This makes it quite expensive. I would say you could probably blend another chocolate with nuts and it would do the trick perhaps. You could really play with it. Further I had left over cream filling so maybe you could just do with 20 Ferrero Rocher balls.)

700 ml cream


1. Preheat the oven to 180C

2. Grease cake pans. (I should note here that this recipe is intended for two cake pans so that you have a layered cake. I rather made one cake and used the cream with the chocolate as the icing. I think it would be amazing to make it into two cake tins though and use the cream as the filling. And then cover with a chocolate ganache, you could google a good recipe. I’ve never made a ganache.)

3. In a large bowl, cream the butter. Add the sugar and vanilla sugar and beat until light and fluffy.

4. Beat the eggs to the butter and sugar mixture, one a time, beating well after each addition.

5. Set the mixer on low-speed and add the hazelnuts and baking powder to the egg mixture.

6. Pour the batter into the prepared pans (they use 32cm, I think any decent round pan will do) and bake for 45-50 minutes.

7. Cool the cakes

8. Crush Rocher balls with a fork or blender. (But don’t crush too small.) Whip the cream until stiff (but watch it cream is so easy to over beat and curdle), mix with chopped Rocher.

9. Option 1. Fill the two cakes so it’s like a sandwich and put in fridge so it can harden. Cover with chocolate ganache or buttercream.

Option 2. If you made one cake, frost it with the chocolate cream and decorate with chocolate as you see fit.

And enjoy this decadent, yummy cake. Everyone who tried it loved it. It’s worth the risk!