I didn’t have much sleep last night. I remember, as a child, how boring grownups were. They were always going on about how tired they were (not to mention what they could and couldn’t eat). How they’d sleep in the day (at least my parents did on the weekend). I wanted to shout at them, ‘Hello, life is to be lived. There is so much to do. How can you sleep it away?’ I swore never to turn out like them. Never to sleep in the day, and never, never to go around complaining how tired I am.

Never say never…. here I am a ‘grown up’ typing and wondering if there’s any chance I can slip some shut eye in between this afternoon of lifts (three school pick ups, Kindermusic, Judo, Dentist).

I remember making a pact with a dear friend of mine when we were 12, that we’d never become grownups. (Roni do you remember?) In my mind Roni has become the best kind of grownup. The smiley, happy, sunny type, who does light up everyone’s day. I’ve become a grouchy dragon – complaining about the school system and every other system that exists on this planet. With all the agendas, politics and lack of forward thinking action. Of course, deep down, all I really want to do all day is write and make people laugh and feel and think.But I have kids so my life has taken the trajectory o f dealing with reality.

Of course reality isn’t so bad and my aim these days is to transform the ordinary into the fun and enjoyable. This is no mean feat when it comes to things like home work. But believe it or not I’ve managed to take the pressure ‘off’ Prince No. 1. Last year homework was a tiring, boring and plain traumatic. I took homework seriously and I wanted him to do it as soon as possible when he got home. Now I’ve taken all the pressure off. He’s at school from 745am to 330pm – surely that’s enough of learning for the day. So I give him nourishing, yummy food – fruit, ice lollies (homemade made from frozen juice), and yes sometimes he grabs chips but I’ve also relaxed on that. And I spend time with him playing or just giving him free time to chill out. Yesterday he participated in his brothers puppet show. (Okay, I’ll be honest, disturbed.) Then he made his own tent in his room out of sheets and chairs which he was so proud of.

And homework….we got to it. Yes it was 630pm 7pm after supper and bath. But he was refreshed and we worked out a system that for every piece of homework he did he could skate around the kitchen on his J – Board (it’s like a skate board and brilliant for balance) this motivated him and refreshed him in between the chunks of work. He also learnt his Hebrew words that way. I’d quiz him as he wizzed around and it became FUN, instead of the classic fight.

And for those days where he just can’t do his homework… I’m afraid to admit that we just won’t do it. But amazingly enough since I’ve made that resolution (without telling him about it, otherwise he would insist everyday that he can’t and won’t do it) we’ve managed to do the work. Taking the pressure off somehow creates the space for ‘want to’. I don’t know why…

Meanwhile I’m late for my lift it’s 1229 and I’m meant to fetch 1230…. so I really have to go.

NEW RESOLUTION – blog more even if it’s less words…

So and…and…and my mommy story is going. Excuse all spelling errors whilst I post without a check. As I said I really, really have to GO>