I’ve had an absolutely utterly horrible day. There I’ve got it off my chest. I’ve also had a really lovely day and that’s the lovely day I choose to focus on. Consciously choose with every fibre of my being!!!

The horrible is that my lift scheme is over just like that – I pushed a boundary – tried to figure a solution that suited me and POOF in my face. So that’s that and I march on. By the way it was done over sms. My fingers are so tired of smsing. This is an important aside. I would ban smsing, bbming from social conversation because you know what we are stunting our emotional selves by typing our feelings, typing our announcements such as ‘this is not working anymore’. We don’t speak to each other anymore unless we see each other face to face and by then we probably wish we could speak with our tapping fingers instead of using our very rusty tongues. I’m not saying I’m not guilty of it. By now I feel that if I phone someone at home in the evening on their house phone I’m bothering them. So cell phone it is (with very high cell phone bills to boot). What’s become of us??? I don’t have the answer…

Okay now I’ve got that off my chest. My lovely day has been smothered in presents. Lovely mosaic mezuzah from my very talented friend. It’s just the most beautiful mezuzah I’ve ever seen, and I’m not joking. And I had tea with her. Yes it was hectic with kids around but we chatted over hot sweet potato soup, and it’s always lovely. And I received the most beautiful hand-made necklace and bracelet from a very dear mentor friend of mine. Handmade – two hand-made gifts for the day and POST. Yes you read that right. Three wonderful, beautifully photographed cook books (one healthy) from my dearest, child hood friend Roni in the UK. In this day and age handmade gifts, and post over the seas all spells LOVE. And that’s the exact antidote for a horrible day. Plus all my FB friends who duly sympathise.

John Demartini and many others say that when things are negative and bad there’s always an upside if you look for it. It’s always easier to wallow in the negative – it’s what I usually do. It’s what my child is crying out to do. Flaying all fists and turning bright, bright red. But I’m not. My adult boundaries are in place. I’m going to go and read some delicious recipes and make them and hopefully sooner than later (if they don’t flop) share them with all of you special people out there.

So here’s to all the love and good that we all choose to see and celebrate. And just another big thank you to all of you out there who are just so loving and supportive. It hits the mark!!! Bulls eye!