I’m sitting here clacking away with freshly painted red finger nails. Yes the occasion that I actually paint my nails red is few and far between. Last time was when I went to LA for my cousin’s wedding. This time. Well I’m turning 30. Yes the big 30 is looming just a couple of days away and I expect to wake up and be transformed, different, arrived on that big 30 day. NOT.

I’ve learnt that nothing changes dramatically overnight. (Unless I ever get a big book deal – but even for that I need to finish writing my book.)  When I was younger I thought that by twenty I’d be a sophisticated woman of the world. Of course by the time I was twenty I changed that to thirty. Now I’m thirty!?!?! I’m a sophisticated mother of the world. A woman of the world? Well if that includes toddler development, how to change a nappy in thirty seconds and the in’s and out’s of remedial education then I can sign up, otherwise no.

The nice thing about thirty is that it’s when you face reality. At least I am. In my mind thirty is when I won’t faff around anymore. I’ll outline my visions and goals and do them!!! I’m finally  beginning to understand the Law of Growing Up.

What’s that? It’s a new law that I’ve just made up. (Although I’m sure it’s been articulated before.) One event that does change our lives dramatically so that it will never ever be the same is childbirth. One day you are an independent person who can wake up whenever you want and the next day you are at the beck and call of the cutest, most demanding, bundle of joy and unmade burps in the world. And then this little one grows day by day exponentially at the beginning, bit by bit. Nothing that dramatic that you yell and shout, ‘Great Scott! The thing really is growing!’ as Aunt Sponge from James and the Giant Peach does. (Yes, I’m reading James and the Giant Peach to the Princes and we’re loving it.) A child’s growth is so stealthy and slow that one day you wake up and declare as I’m doing these days, ‘My word Prince No. 1 is turning eight this year and is sleeping over at friends, and my sweet baby is already three (and needs to stop being treated like such a baby. Note to self: Get rid of dummy somehow!)’

The Law of Growing Up is that everything grows and it’s a slow growth. A day by day clocking in of doing the right things. Like exercising, eating healthy consistently! And maybe you need to grow up to realise this. We grow up slowly and the little things we do form us, even if we and our parents don’t realise it. As I speak the Princes keep growing. And even though I’m all ‘grown up’ I’m also still growing – inside. Cells are renewing. Todays thoughts and actions are forming who I am tomorrow. And they’re nothing dramatically big. Just small, putting clothes in the cupboard to have a neat room, kind of thing.

That’s the sobering news of 30. It’s the small things that count. We all know this and it can be applied in a thousand ways. The words we speak to our children, our daily actions which either build or stagnate us. Nothing glamorous, nothing that extraordinary. But you need the ordinary to get to the extra part. And of course red nails make the whole ‘ordinary’ part that much more fun!

So yes it’s almost over. I’ll be 30 and you won’t have to hear about it anymore. Until I turn 31, which by then I will realise, as my dear friend kindly pointed out, is nothing like a 3 with a crutch. It’s like a sword really. A sword of strength and power. In fact I almost wish I was already 31 just for that!

Anyway last words of a 29er – here’s to being ordinary and making those goals and moreover doing them so that I can creep into extraordinary!!! And maybe even become an extraordinary mum. And so say all of us 😉