Messy is not brilliant, but sometimes messy is the way it is. After a late night out we fling our clothes onto the chair, where they lie a happy witness to the fact that we go out and have fun when we wake up bleary eyed for the morning lift scheme. That mess is normal and perfectly acceptable. We can’t be neat all the time. I’m certainly not. I gravitate towards the other pole – chaos. Right now I’d be happy to dance on the pole of neatness, because I’m stuck with post renovation MESS.

Fixing up a house is a happy mess. At least I’m trying to tell myself that as the dust settles in my lungs. The princes have been great – mess is no foreign subject in their little kingdoms. My hubbie has been escaping back to his mothers for quiet, peaceful, five course lunches. (We moved out of the house to her [thank goodness] for five months) And I ever-present, ever there, have donned my armour and have braved putting my feet in the dust. Lugging our stuff into the house. Swearing that I’m going to really cull big time. Hanging up pictures with my bare hands (and a handy Hilti of course). And by the end of the day I collapse exhausted into bed after a dusty bath. Not before emptying all those boxes that need to be emptied in my dressing room.

Do I sound a little bit sorry for myself. Maybe a bit. So far my fairy god mother hasn’t appeared with a wand and magiced the dust, mess and builders out of my house. And I’m trying to be the house fairy. Which doesn’t work because as we clean and dust (yes thank God for staff) the builders trundle in and bang some more holes into the walls. (We were done but it’s called snags.)

So here’s what I concluded. The mess is okay. And it’ll probably be messy for the next couple of weeks. There’ll be no curtains, no phone line, no internet (I am typing this from my mother in-laws very neat, clean, QUIET house) for a bit. And it’s okay. A bit of mess I need to accept. If I don’t accept it I’ll go mad. It’s like accepting that our kids won’t always be neat and not spill their cereal, and milk and Milo (is it just the Princes who leave the breakfast table like an Australian cyclone?) Building, kids – they’re all good things. Challenging but good.

The trick is not to be worn out by it. And I read this last night which gave me great comfort. We often run around like chickens without heads being everything for everybody. Our energy levels are low and we’re performing on about 50% (if we’re lucky) 100% of the time. This isn’t ideal – it’s a recipe for complete burnout. So the thing is to cut  back, slow down and be there for others 50% of the time. But when you are there for them your 100% present. All there. A whole person. Not a bedraggled cat chasing her tail person. I loved this. Obviously the rest of the time take for yourself so you can be that 100% Mom, Wife, Friend.

So raise a healthy, delicious smoothie (see below) to mess, to things not being perfect and let that all be 50% and here’s to 100% fabulous MOMS.

Delicious Smoothie for Spent Moms

I’ve been reading this book Spent by Dr Frank Lipman. It has some delicious recipes one of which is the Blueberry Avocado Smoothie. It’s perfect for making and drinking on your morning or afternoon run or just as a snack. And the avocado is what makes it so creamy and delicious.

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie


1 Cup frozen organic Blueberries (Don’t worry if you can’t get. I just  buy fresh or use mixed frozen berries.)

1/4 Avocado (I sometimes increase this because I can’t get hold of coconut water.)

1 cup Coconut Water (Use water or milk if you can’t get hold of coconut water. Use rice milk or nut milk if you’re off dairy.)

Juice of half a Lime (I sometimes leave this out)

1 Tablespoon Agave Syrup

1 serving or 3-4 Tablespoons vanilla or plain Whey powder (so healthy for you)

1 serving or 2 Tablespoons green powder (Also very healthy)

4 ice cubes.


Blend in blender until smooth and creamy. (You can also use a magimix.)

Add bananas and whatever else you like in as well.