The last day of holiday is officially tomorrow. For me at least. All of you whose kids don’t start school until Wednesday, enjoy. And all of you whose kids aren’t in proper school yet – doubly enjoy!!! The holidays were so wonderful – no schedule – no lifts – no homework.

Over the holidays I began thinking. It’s all about to start again, the mommy treadmill, which is almost as bad as the corporate rat race with the schedule, the lifts, the homework. I felt my heart rate increase and my stomach clench. ‘This is no good,’ a wise voice in my head said. ‘Yes,’ I nodded. ‘What can change?’

And that’s the thing nothings going to change this year except MOI. It’s up to me to either accept the situation of a hectic running around school year or keep fighting it which is seriously no good for my liver.

So cheers to acceptance!!! I’m going to accept the year. Accept having to wrap about 30 books in paper and plastic. And because I’ve accepted it I’m going to enlist as much help as I can. Starting with all those school note books. I got all the help in the world being in South Africa. The maid, the gardener and even the guard helped sticky tape the covers on. (My maid enlisted the gardener and the guard – you see even she’s good at delegating! Don’t ask how the books look. Don’t tell the teachers.)

So this year is going to be all about the Serenity Prayer:

God give me the serenity I need to Accept the things I can not change. The Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.

I think us mums should have this prayer tattooed to the back of our hands so we can gaze at it whilst we’re driving. Or better yet tattooed to our kids foreheads. We’d definitely not forget it then. (Don’t freak out. We can get semi permanent ones that last a couple of months.)

I remember learning that prayer when I was 18 from a kinesiologist in Sydney. I didn’t understand the full meaning of it then. I’m growing wiser with my age what can I say. Wiser with children as well. They force us to grow, even to heal. To learn acceptance is definitely one of life’s most profound lessons. So I’m going to do it this year. Right now even.

As for my liver I’m preparing it with a 9 day Liver Detox by Patrick Holford. Usually I’m not a Holford anything but I picked up my mother in law’s book whilst on holiday and he makes it sound so easy. I’m on day 2, and so far so good, except for tonight’s supper freak out as I ate a whole clove of garlic smothered in olive oil. (No that’s not the only thing I ate. But I was feeling a bit too healthy for my own good. Which is not a good sign mental health wise…)

Anyway it’s good to be back to schedule in some ways. Viva la blogging and viva la mornings to myself back. And until the next holidays… enjoy the pic below. I’m getting there with the photos. Another new year’s resolution which I’m told are now out of date. Oh well!