I’m sitting here surrounded by my breakfasted family. The cricket’s blaring. I’ve learnt more about Tandulka (pardon my ignorant spelling) and Kallis’s 200 runs and the history of Sir Donald Bradman’s cricketing career in the last week than in my whole life. Am I enjoying my holiday? Loving it. Even with all the cricket. (It keeps the Princes happy so I can indulge in my coffees.)

What’s not to love about Capetown in December. I know everyone complains that it’s so crowded but we haven’t found it that way. It’s sunny, and windy enough for it not to be too hot. ETC> ETC> I’m sure everyone’s busy having their own holidays and not so into what we’re doing on ours. Like watching a lot of cricket, listening to it on the radio on the way to the beach and hearing about the commentators from the BBC Sport Internet site.

Because that’s what the holidays about. No, not cricket. But being together as a family, all 5 of us and getting to know each other without all the stressful factors such as work and school. (Speaking of school I think I have post traumatic stress from school – I had such a nightmare last night about forgetting to pick up the two Princes from school and being called into the principals office. It was very upsetting. A big relief to wake up. Does anyone ever have those?) And at first we all got on each others nerves. And that’s putting it mildly.

Even now as I write this my hubbies hucking me to make lunch and get off this blogging business. So yes nothings perfect. I got very irritated but I also got to see what’s really going on with all our relationships. A bit like going away with a spouse for a weekend – but times by a 100. So I’ve adapted. Note no one else has changed. It’s something to do with child rearing. We need to adapt and help facilitate the positive behaviours. We can’t just tell our spouse and children how to be. I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work.

So for example instead of telling our kids to stop fighting in the car. We split them up so that they’re not in kicking, hitting, smacking distance. It’s worked. And we now can be in the car for more than five minutes without shrieking banshees coming into action.

So yes we’ve had to up the discipline, up our parenting. The teachers obviously didn’t do a good enough job this year for us. (Just kidding – but I would definitely pay extra for the discipline service.) As I write this now Prince No 1. is screaming his head off.

I really have to go. And have I even finished the thought. It’s like having a conversation with kids around. You can’t finish a sentence…so off I go to discipline and enjoying my holiday and yes packing lunch. But I really am enjoying it. Really!