I’m very tired at the moment. It’s 10:30pm and I’m suffering from morning insomnia which means I wake up when the sun is up. Not good in Summer when the sun is up pretty early. Truth be told I enjoy my 5:30am cup of hot lemon water and my pen and paper writing (I’ve begun The Artists Way course. I did it before but read the book through which is my style without actually doing the practices. My very good friend has convinced me to do the course properly and I’m loving it. I highly recommend going out and getting your hands on Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artists Way’ and really doing it. It’s for everyone not just for artists.) Anyway back to my tiredness, my scratchy, dry eyes from doing Laser this week and waking up at the wee hours of the morning. (Yes Thank God I can see now without glasses! It worked!!!)

So why am I writing my blog instead of having a bath and washing my dirty, dirty hair (I haven’t washed it because I’m scared of getting soap or shampoo in my now very sensitive eyes. Yuck I know.) The reason is because there’s so much to write about and I’ll sleep better once I’ve done it. My father in law has a motto. It’s very simple. Three very easy words to remember. Attend, Attend, Attend. And you can’t go wrong.

So by sitting here and typing my thoughts for what they’re worth I’m attending. Attending to my dream of being a writer. Writing about important issues, and more than that connecting with other people. Hopefully doing some sort of good, as sanctimonious as that sounds. (I can be very sanctimonious, bad teenage habit.)

So yes those are my dreams in a nutshell. Big dreams. And here I present everyone’s right to dream big. You, me, everybody. For their own good and the good of the world. In service rather than in self-service. It’s healthier that way. And being a mother is certainly being of service. But we won’t go down that tap stream of thought. Back to dreaming big. A favourite topic of mine.

Dreams…what do you dream of??? I listened to this tape today that an energy worker played for me and it told this parable that struck me deeply.

Once there was a man fishing and he kept measuring the fish and then throwing back most of them. Someone passing by saw him and asked him, ‘Why are you throwing back the fish?’ The man answered, ‘I have a 14 inch pot at home. So I can only take the fish that fit in that pot.’ The passerby laughed and said the obvious, ‘That’s silly. Keep all the fish and just buy yourself a bigger pot.’

How many of us live our lives confined to a 14 inch pot? And life and all we do in it has to fit in that pot. I believe in dreaming big – bigger than a new dress or car or house. Something for our soul, for the world, materially and spiritually. A dream that feeds us on many levels and that in turn feeds those around us.

Our dreams aren’t easy to imagine sometimes. We have blocks, critical voices, mocking laughs within us that cackle at us, strangle us, when we try to look at let alone live our dreams. ¬†Our environments may also not support us.¬†Despite all this it’s worth trying, it’s worth searching, it’s worth dreaming and if you do that with the motto of ‘Attending’ – well I think that’s a fantastic formula. It’s certainly worth a try.

Fulfilling our dreams is a big topic, more than a single blog can do justice. But I just want to repeat that everyone deserves to dream and live their dreams. Even mothers.