I’m sitting here at speech therapy again – it’s like groundhogs day I know. The difference is I’ve just scoffed down some sushi that I picked up from the downstairs bakery. It actually wasn’t half bad. And it was food and relatively healthy. No it wasn’t the omelette with 1 egg yolk and 2 egg whites, with peppers, onions and all sorts of yummy vegetables (I do like my veggies – grown up at last), that I had planned. With muesli and yoghurt as the article on, ‘How to make your metabolism fast’ suggested.

Apparently as you hit 30 – the big 3 0 (I am sorry if yours is the big 4 0 or 5 0- whatever it is the same applies, if not more) your metabolism begins the inevitable descent down, down, down, into the need for Movical and the like. So one way they suggested to keep your metabolism up and running is a healthy, solid breakfast. Like the one I described above.

How do you have a round breakfast as a mum? Eggs? I ask you. Eggs?

There are options. I know there are. My positive, solution orientated, go do it side tells me that I could wake up at 6 am. Do yoga until 630 and then get everyone dressed by 7 and have a lovely Mediterranean breakfast until 730 – at which point me and the Princes calmly, royally make our way into the car and are on the way to school. Yes my positive side is also a bit fantastical.

It’s exhausting waking up at 6 to begin with – especially after a late night. And with all the nagging (Where’s your shoes, hat, library bag, socks?) by 7 am I’ve lost my appetite.

Another viable alternative is after I drop the kids at school to go home and eat. I’ve done this a couple of times. It’s pure heaven. I get out a magazine and read and eat and feel human. (I know I’m not meant to read when I eat – everyone has to have an addiction. And yes I do wish mine was exercise, but it’s not.) But what do I do when I have therapies to shlep my kids to in the morning? Well sushi is a good solution.


It’s now Saturday night – I should have, could have, if only I would have posted this on Friday. (My procrastination, time, organisation issues are definitely for another blog.) Oh well. I’ll end here with 2 comments.

Mommy on the run had sushi for lunch as well.

A plus side for coffee addicts everywhere – according to the article I read, caffeine helps to increase metabolism as well. One more wonderful reason to have a coffee break. (If you need a medical one – for me personally, the fact someone is serving me something that I don’t have to make is good enough a reason to sit and have a coffee.