A mother’s sleep. What’s that? And it’s a good question, until your kids are considerably older or your babies are angels, sleep is one of the biggest mothering issues of all.

By now I should be passed sleep deprivation and if I’m totally honest I do get my seven hours straight these days. Except when there’s a scream or two in the night, or our two and a half-year old pads down the hallway to make our bed that much cosier. Last night however I didn’t and today I am walking around with burning eyes, a quarter of a brain (big danger on the road) and a very, very short fuse.

Okay it was kind of my fault. I had an insomniac night last night I just couldn’t sleep. So I wrote (okay played on my computer trying to figure out the world of a Mac), I read (Millenium Series by Steg Larsson- seriously a good read. I never thought I’d like a thriller but this is clever!) and I painted my  nails (promptly to remove the polish as soon as I woke up because quite frankly I’m a hideous nail painter). As I busied my self in the wee hours I knew what the next day had in store but I couldn’t sleep no matter how hard I tossed and turned.

My sleep hangover today buggers belief and it reminds me of my acute sleep deprived baby days that lasted about 6 years (My 2-year-old was the worst sleeper ever). Those never-ending nights when my head would touch the pillow and the baby would wake up wailing for a feed. It was so bad that I began to have a phobia about going to bed because as soon as that head hit the pillow – Waaahhhh. And that was the first night feed. (There needs to be a word for a mother’s phobia of not going to sleep – mosleepiobia maybe?) I also remember being NOT NORMAL. Like putting laundry in the freezer. Let alone those temper, crying, hysterical fits of exhaustion.

It’s not fun being not normal especially when you’re responsible for the emotional happiness and stability of your family. So what to do? If someone had the fail proof solution they would be zillionaires (so anyone who needs a buck start thinking!) Baby Sense does well, they have their courses and books out, they are helpful.  Some of us resort to controlled crying. Some manage to negotiate with their better halves to do some nights. (Bravo if you could I always felt too bad that I was at home and he needed to work the next day.) A lot of moms swear by night nurses. Whatever works for you. I have no judgement when it comes to mothering. I think the point of this blog is to highlight what I so easily forgot – a mother without sleep is a walking Mommy psychopath in the making. You can not be normal with so little sleep.

My solution for me is a very simple one. Day naps. That’s right I know a lot of us rebel against sleeping in the day. To me it used to feel so ‘lazy’, ‘unproductive’ and just plain ‘boring’. But the truth of the matter is it became a matter of survival. You can not function normally on an interrupted nights sleep unless you’re super human – which I’m not that’s for sure. So make your plan and make it work because the repercussions of too little sleep are huge. It’s one of the big causes of depression, over eating and down in the dumps misery.

On that sobering note I’m going to take a 4pm nap so that I won’t bite my children’s heads off this evening during ‘Happy Hour’. (Uh oh after all this blogging it’s more like 5pm nap. I blame my Word -Mac teething probs and having to give the kids a bath in between.)