The other day, Sunday (which by Wednesday already feels light years away) I had a lovely afternoon with my two younger Princes. It was lovely not because the air was full of Spring sunshine and fresh blossoms and because my boys were having the most marvelous time biking and running down the streets to the park (idyllic I know). It was a precious time because I opened my eyes and chose to focus on the moments of warmth and laughter breath by breath. Being if you will, rather than just doing.

If this is starting to sound like a poem I’m sorry, but it really is quite simply the ‘Power of Now’ as Eckhart Tolle wrote about in all his books. Most of the time we live unconsciously, unaware of our children’s smiles, our spouse’s otherness and yes our own needs. On Sunday I made an effort to be conscious. To ask myself what would bring me and my boys happiness (Prince No. 1 chose to watch soccer so he was happy all on his own) and so we adventured out. And we don’t often adventure out in Johannesburg, but when we do it’s a treat.

Movement often brings us to consciousness, that’s why a lot of us (myself very much included) love travelling it makes us feel more alive. But I’ve learnt that I don’t need an expensive airplane ticket somewhere special to feel alive. (Although I’m not going to say no to any flying opportunity.) It’s in the silence of conscious breathing that we feel our life’s vitality to the max. Meditation, yoga, prayer, art, writing, math (for those gifted individuals) anything that zones you – they all offer us that extra space to move beyond our ego and see our own consciousness, which is beyond the physical. Everything I’m reading points in this direction – BEINGNESS – there’s something to it. 

 The more I breathe as I mother the more I enjoy my Princes and the more I’m present for them and myself in a real way. Smiling is cheap, breathing is free, and we don’t realise how precious it all is until we’re awakened to the fact that that’s what it’s all about more often that not through pain. I suggest we skip the pain and adopt present breathing now.

I want to see every moment as an opportunity to make a blessing on the now. Even morning runs. Yes I know, I know I really complain about those school runs. I’ve discovered when I stop complaining and embrace the reality of school runs they become a special time to chat with the kids (don’t worry I’m realistic when I’m zombied out I just turn on some nice music for all of us to relax to. Check out Classic 102.7 my latest stress reducer.)

I’ll admit I’m with the majority of humankind. I’m often unconscious. But breath by breath I’m exploring what it is to be consciously present. So far it’s been a very precious light that leaves all the noise and mess behind.