First my news – You can access my blog at I have my own domain – very cool! Still have a lot to figure out – like posting birthday cake pics – need to carve out the time. But I will I will… I want to thank Ephraim Moss from Seamless Solutions you can look him up at for any software, web needs. Especially if you’re so tech challenged like me. It really was seamless…what can I say 🙂 And a thank you to everyone who’s sent me encouraging comments and have related to this blog. It’s definitely feeding me so THANKU!

 Let’s move onto something a bit light, or maybe it is on the heavier side of things, but its spring and babies are being born everywhere which has reminded me of a very important topic close to my heart. Fat Wardrobes.

‘Fat wardrobe,’ you may ask ‘What’s that?’

You see I believe that every mom, and any girl who battles with bulge needs two or three wardrobes. Normal size, Preggie and Fat.

Well I’m sure everyone in varying degrees has a fat wardrobe they just don’t think of it that way. What we girls don’t realise is that a fat wardrobe is a must for everyone especially after having a baby, and here’s why – It takes the fear away. No don’t quickly click on to another website in disgust as you read this carry on and I’m pretty certain I’m onto something.

We run away from fat screaming hysterically or if we are fat (which anyone who’s predisposed or has had a baby [okay unless you’re one of the lucky abnormal ones] has experienced) we cry elephant tears of despair inwards as we naively try slip into our pre preggie denims, all whilst recovering from our birth tears or caesarean sections. Then in despair we either declare war on our bodies, exercising, starving ourselves, beating our bodies into pre preggie submission. Or we shrug our shoulders and give up go back into our preggie clothes and hope for a miracle as we finish off the chocolates that come with those fancy baby gift displays. Both ways have their pros and cons. And there is no right or wrong – there is however what’s healthy.

And I think I’ve figured out what’s healthy for me and maybe for some of you…this is a conversation I suppose and we all have our perspectives.

I to be honest gain weight on two occasions. When I’m pregnant – and when I go on a diet – as contrary as that seems. My babies are more recent weight gains since I thankfully gave up yoyo dieting by 20. For my first I bore with my excess weight until I fit into my old clothes. I don’t remember feeling particularly happy or beautiful, in fact I remember just feeling plain old fat and gorging the chocolates as I survived the sleepless nights.

Thankfully the weight shed – that’s the advantage of a 22-year-old metabolism. By my second I grew a bit wiser and went and bought clothes, embracing my bigger size status and dressing in flattering clothes. And it was much less traumatic because I felt happy in my clothes, felt beautiful and fresh and that is what helps in shedding weight more than the diet whip. Because when I’m happy the focus is less on food, and more on me and what I want. I naturally eat less and move more. And by the time the baby is older you actually have more time to think about doing structured diets and exercises if you want but at least the first few months you spent loving yourself and your baby, instead of feeling torn.

So your fat wardrobe is your friend to tide you over and as you find yourself in a whole and real way then your natural figure will emerge again. There are books to support this. Martha Becks – The 4 Day Win – is one of them. It’s very against these diets which create the ‘famine brain’ effect which makes you eat more and hence gain more weight in the long run. Another book which I’m in the middle of is ‘Women Food And God’ by Geneen Roth it has a similar premise but definitely goes very deeply into the psyche behind food and how it reflects our relationship with life and ourselves. Both highly recommended especially Geneen’s. I’ll finish it though and give a full report.

Okay if this is sounding a bit superficial – I mean come on ‘clothes’ – well it can’t be helped it’s an important and can be a very fun part of life. I’ve moved into ‘Happy Clothes’ wearing things that mean something to me and make me happy. Forget fashion and what’s in at the moment.

How much more so when you don’t have your normal figure or aren’t happy with it. Just indulge yourself with soft cottons, lovely colourful fabrics, or if you do insist on all black accessorise in a wonderful way. (I have a cousin in LA who only wears black but to a function her black is fancy and her shoes out of this world, door stopping, gorgeous.) Shawls, scarves, belts, jewellery all that makes us girls lovely and life a bit more interesting – bring it on!

 And get out of your comfort zone imagining the way you’re meant to look and be – see what is and don’t just make the most of it – be beautiful. After all moving out of your comfort zone is another part of having children and of course life. It’s unexpected, out of our control and whether you like it or not, it is – so you may as well catch a wave and go along for the ride yahooing at least some of the way.

I must add quickly that my other cousin, Sharon, in America taught me the importance of making the most of oneself, seeing ones beauty and holding ones head high, no matter what. SO big, big thank you to my fashion muse – and of course she’s a lot, lot more – she’s a mummy muse too!

NB: I know this is actually in a way an anxiety provoking topic – no matter how fun it’s made to be and we all carry our baggage and stuff. But the truth is beautiful and whole so we kind of need to go beyond our media created images of what we’re meant to be. It’s the harder but more rewarding route – probably another blog, yes.