Three days of eating over. Yes I did go to Shul and pray. But the feasting, the feasting! I feel tired, lethargic and thick brained as I type this whilst I’m at a pre-fast meal. (More eating I know.) I blame it all on dessert. And where does that leave me, as I’m the main dessert culprit. I love making desserts, the creamier and richer the better. But eating it does me nor anybody else no good. Especially if it’s for 6 formal meals. 

I know you’re probably thinking, ‘What’s this chick going on about eating, when we’ve just experienced the heavy, serious days of judgment and crowning God as King.’ Well you’re right, but here’s the thing I’ve learnt in the past year – you can’t separate body and soul. So the way we take care of our body has an effect on our soul, the way we feel about ourselves and experience the world around us. If our soul is holy our body is the holy temple that houses it, as my good friend P reminded me. (I’m not sure about blog etiquette and naming people.)

So it’s part of my new year’s resolutions to respect my body and my soul, and the souls and bodies of others, especially my children who can’t get enough unhealthy food if it was up to them. Does that mean quit making pavlovas? No not entirely. But it does mean recommitting to healthy cooking, and finding healthy desserts. My friend N has a decadent chocolate cake that’s HEALTHY. Unbelievable but true, I tried it for myself. I’m going to sms her right now and get her to send the recipe and I’m going to post it for all of us foodies. (I believe everyone is a foodie, you either like to make it or eat it. Both are very necessary. So embrace your inner foodie!)

Did I make other resolutions, transformations and discoveries besides gastronomic ones? Of course, and I’ll try share some more over the next couple of days. It’s all a journey and tonight it’s a journey of the stomach. Thank goodness there’s a fast tomorrow. (Okay I’ll admit it I’m not a good small fast day faster. I find it difficult to take care of the three princes and not eat or drink and stay sane.) Until next time – happy fasting and eating, one healthy bite at a time.