Anyone who’s heard the story about Moshe ben Leora who fell into his pool and was found at the bottom is I’m sure is touched in in a big way. Touched seems too weak a word. I don’t want to write finished (even though that’s what I felt when I heard) because that doesn’t help anybody. Where there is darkness we need to look for light. He’s in a coma now in Garden City. He needs light. We need light and as mothers I think we are all doubly touched because deep in our hearts we feel survivors guilt. I know I do. It can happen to any child. And we love our children fiercely and it’s just what no mother wants to even think about let alone face. With that fear and sadness, we need to do more than repadlock our pool gates. We need to bring that extra light in our lives and the lives around us. Because life is fragile, and so much is unknown.

An extra hug to our children, an extra smile to a stranger, an extra rand to the poor. 5 minutes of dedicated prayer for Moshe and his family. Send them light and bring more light into our lives. Only light dispels darkness like a candle. We are all candles and we all have the responsibility of lighting up our own lives and our families, and communities. It’s a big task because naturally it’s easier to wallow in negativity, in fear. Positivity is a choice. Acceptance and hope a state of consciousness.

Rosh Hashana is a time where we choice what we will become. Yom Kippur we are judged on our choice. In the Torah God says, ‘I put before you Life and Death, choose Life.’ I believe that means every moment of every day recognising our feelings and yet still choosing to smile, to celebrate Spring, to invite the stranger, the unwanted into our homes. To smile at  the unknown mother in the parking lot and introduce yourself even is one more step forward to light. It’s the small things that create a life of light.

And if we mothers work on ourselves to bring light we will bring up a generation of light bearers into the world. A world of people making it a better place in each of their own unique ways and abilities.

May every decision for light and Godliness that this blog begets go towards Moshe’s light of life and may be be healed and his family merit a happy, healthy, sweet new year.