One of the reasons that I chose to blog about mothering and I called it Mothers’ Rights is because it’s an important part of everyone’s lives (and I do mean everyone, everyone has a link to mother in one way or another, even if they aren’t a mother themselves.) I would love to have a discussion with other mothers about how they feel about mothering. Is mothering a recognised role in society and if it is, is it respected? Point in case a business man was once discussing political events, and I added my two cents worth. He said to me, ‘What would you know you don’t live in reality.’ So not working and taking care of children is not living in the ‘real’ world. I’m sure this is true to a lot of people, and maybe I even believe it to a certain extent.

I think mothering mostly taken for granted and very little understood. Even by us mothers ourselves. I feel like we don’t respect ourselves enough for what we do. I know that I haven’t and am only just beginning to. And the truth is the more that I pay attention to my parenting role and the more I realise some truths about my life and that of my children the more I realise just how valuable I am as MOTHER.

What do I mean? Well if I see myself just as the mommy taxi (which I most certainly am), the shopper, the dresser, the breakfast, lunch, dinner maker then that is all I am. To myself, to my hubbie and to my 3 darling princes. As I’ve begun taking the journey of asking what I want, what inspires me. Like writing a blog and sharing ideas. Then I have a deeper sense of self and my kids pick that up and they see me more as a person than a mother.

My 6 year old son wrote his first creative writing piece today. It was about his mother. I was very nervous when he announced that he’d written a piece about me. That he’d say, ‘My mother is a three headed monster who likes to eat me up for supper.’ But he didn’t he wrote, ‘My mother is a penalty shooter.’ You see I’m a person, almost on the level of Christiano Renaldo (Heaven help me I don’t know how to spell his name – don’t tell my son.) He did add that I make supper – see I am a normal Mum. He also wrote that I had a baby in my stomach. Very mummy stuff. If it wasn’t for the penalty shoot out I would have been quite disappointed. Because as I was saying I want to be a person in my house, not just a mother with a feather duster in her pocket. (That is a very old fashioned description – but I’m sure you get the picture.) I want to give my kids and husband the benefit of knowing and loving a real person, not just a mummy martyr.

‘Mummy Martyr?’ you ask. Well don’t tell me you don’t know what that is. It’s the subject for another blog.

Please send me your thoughts, comments, and ideas on being a Mom. There’s so much unknown and so much to learn in the sea of parenthood, sometimes choppy, sometimes smooth, and sometimes angelic, like my three boys letting me sleep in yesterday whilst they watercoloured.