Geez, my first post didn’t go as I’d hoped. I’ve been obsessing over my first post ever since I decided to write a blog. Meanwhile WordPress went right ahead and published my first post (or more likely I pressed the wrong button) – which has a great heading but no content. Maybe the heading was enough ‘Hello World’. I didn’t even choose it.  And somehow it would be exactly what I would have wanted. It’s so confident and full of enthusiasm. Like the world really is waiting for my blog. The people who put WordPress together are clever I’ll give you that.

And now I need to figure out how to add the cool photos and visuals that make blogs attractive, personal and fun. I’m not there yet. It’s actually a bit more work than I expected. Me being technically challenged and all. Reminds me of having babies. Forget about labour and birth not being what I expected (messy, unglamorous and unpredictable – and I had easy births) bringing up a baby (making sure it and you survive the first year) and an emotionally, intellectually well balanced child – well it’s a lot more than I bargained for. And maybe the answer really is that I’m not quite sure what’s going on like creating a new blog, but somehow it works out better than I could have figured out by myself with my obsessive thinking. Just like my first post.